About HP-Textiles

We own a long-standig experience in the field of composite materials. Already more than 43,000 users in many different sectors such as pond and pool construction, aircraft and automotive industry, model construction, motor sports and sports equipment, wind energy and boat building belong to our satisfied customers.


To ensure a long-term and consistent high quality of our service as well as to guarantee an optimal process reliability for our business partners, the quality management of HP-Textiles was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


The enthusiasm and passion for scientific research paired with the understanding of our customers' wishes contribute to the success of our company.

These conditions and our young and dynamic team will guarantee, also for the future, new and improved products.


Together with partners from science and business we also offer the custom synthesis and manufacturing of various products.


The structure of a networked and cross-company development also allows us to respond quickly to customer requests. We are able to supply both large industrial customers and small quantities for project developments.


We always try to meet all the needs of our customers and to provide products and services ready to facilitate your work. Nevertheless, if you have any request or complaint regarding our products, please contact us.



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